Providing services for adults 19 years and older seeking individual therapy.  Welcome.

To new clients and potential new clients:  currently all services are being offered via a HIPAA compatible telehealth platform online.  I am currently focusing on individual services and am not accepting couples at this time.

To safeguard against the risk of double-booking, all appointments scheduled online will require confirmation.  An email will be sent to you either confirming your appointment or suggesting an alternate time.  If you fail to receive a confirmation email within 72 hours of scheduling the appointment (for example, if you book on a Friday or on a weekend), please feel free to contact me at [email protected] 

Appointment times are set according to Eastern Time:  unfortunately, the scheduler doesn't automatically adjust for those in other time zones, so out of  respect for your own schedule please be aware of this if it applies to you!

Telehealth requires some additional considerations that are automatically taken care of by in-person visits.  An important one is that my telehealth clients, currently, will need to be EITHER a) physically in Tennessee OR b) in one of the other PsyPact states at the time of their telehealth appointment. (PsyPact is the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact:  as of this writing, 24 states have enacted PsyPact.  Six states of the 24 have not crossed the 'starting date' for PsyPact yet, and 18 states are active PsyPact participants.  Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee are among the 18 active PsyPact states.)  

New clients will need to complete the secure preliminary paperwork emailed to them at least 24 hours before their first appointment.  For BlueCross BlueShield members, and for those with Medicare, insurance information must be included with the preliminary paperwork.

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